Manage Issue & Warranty with A3Sola

Maximize your business success with A3Sola's top-notch customer support and maintenance tracking. Quickly respond to customer requests and issues, identify opportunities for improvement, and stay organized with support tickets, serial number tracking, and maintenance schedules. Keep your customers happy and your business thriving with A3Sola.

Manage Your Accounts with A3Sola

Issue tracking

A3Sola's Issue tracking feature allows you to efficiently manage incoming customer queries, whether through email or your website's contact form. Issue Types help categorize and assign specific team members to address the issue, such as 'Functional', 'Technical', and 'Hardware' issues. This makes it easy to ensure that the right person is addressing the right issue, leading to quick and effective resolution.

Warranty Claim

A Warranty Claim is when a Customer claims free repairs within the Warranty Period of the item/service you're providing with A3Sola. If you are selling Items under warranty or if you have sold and extended service contract like the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC), your Customer may contact you about an issue or a break-down of the product and provide you the Serial No of this Item with A3Sola.

Service Level Agreement

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contract between A3Sola (the service provider) and the end user on the level of service expected from A3Sola. SLAs are output-based and their purpose is specifically to define the timeline in which the customer will receive the service. SLAs do not define how the service itself is provided or delivered by A3Sola.

Maintenance Visit and Schedule

A3Sola's Maintenance Visit and Schedule feature allows you to schedule and track maintenance visits made by engineers to customer's premise for maintenance of an item. With this tool, you can plan and schedule regular maintenance activities for machines with many moving parts to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. Keep your machines in top condition and avoid unplanned downtime with A3Sola's Maintenance Visit and Schedule feature.

Support Report

A3Sola's Support Report feature allows you to gain valuable insights into how your support staff is handling customer issues. With various reports available, you can track key metrics