Manage Selling with A3Sola

As a solar business, your core focus revolves around promoting and providing solar solutions, whether in the form of products or services.While your approach may vary from other industries, the ultimate objective remains consistent: attracting a wider customer base to adopt your solar offerings. In pursuit of this goal, the a3sola Solar Management Application proves invaluable by facilitating the integration and execution of universally acknowledged best practices in sales. This encompassing software empowers you to meticulously monitor all interactions with your clientele and seamlessly harmonize with other crucial modules such as Customer Relationship Management(CRM), Financial Accounting, and Inventory Management. By leveraging the a3sola application, you gain the distinct advantage of optimizing sales procedures, enhancing customer engagement, and fostering synergy across essential facets of your solar enterprise, ultimately contributing to heightened efficiency and greater success in the solar market.

Manage Selling with A3Sola

Selling Module

Selling is the communication that happens with the customer prior to and during the sale. You might be managing all the communication yourself or you may have a small team of sales people to handle this. A3sola helps you track the communication leading up to the sale by keeping all your documents in an organized and searchable manner.


A customer is the entity (individual or organization) that receives goods or services from a seller, generally through a monetary transaction. In a3sola, any entity that makes such a transaction with your business is stored in a database of customers.


A quotation is a document containing the estimated pricing quotes and other terms of engagement (e.g., taxes, T&C) for what the buyer is looking to purchase. These are usually valid for a limited amount of time, depending on the business’s discretion. Quotations are also known as proposals, estimates, or proforma invoices.

Sales Order

A sales order is the confirmation of a quotation, signifying both parties’ agreement to a monetary transaction. Any deviations from the quotation (change in price, for example) should be settled on before submitting a sales order.

Blanket Order

A blanket order is an order from a customer to supply materials for specific items over a given period of time at a pre-negotiated rate. A blanket order can be used to generate sales orders as per the delivery schedule.

Sales Partner

Any entity that assists you in getting business is a sales partner. They are otherwise called channel partners, distributors, dealers, agents, retailers, resellers, etc. Usually, sales partners have a specific commission rate . When a sales partner is selected in transactions, their commission is auto-calculated for the net total of the transaction.