Manage CRM with A3Sola

One of the most important aspects of running a business is having a fluid and optimized Customer Relationship Management system. It can help you in tracking all presales processes like lead capturing, tracking open opportunities, emails, calls, etc. It helps you build lasting relationships with your customers. It also codifies trends, allowing you to build a better knowledge of customers, anticipate needs, have smoother communication, etc.

Setting Up CRM

The CRM setup

which allow to establish customer, properties,configurations, and validation rules for the masters involved in pre-sales. One of the key features of CRM Settings is the Automated Lead Assignment function, which assigns leads to users based on pre-selected lead users. When you save your CRM Settings, an assignment rule is automatically created that assigns leads in a round-robin fashion to users. Additionally, in A3sola, you can select an Escalation Manager for Leads to be notified if a lead is not followed up within the designated "Next Contact Period."

As a Customer

You are the one who receives goods, services,products, or ideas from a seller in exchange for monetary consideration. In order to be a successful customer, it is important that you are assigned a unique id. This will help to ensure that you are able to receive the best possible service from the seller.Additionally, your customer name can be used as your id or you can set a naming series for ids to be generated in Selling Settings. As a customer, you should always be interested in installing a solar panel in your home or office. This will help you save money on your energy bill and it is also good for the environment.


You can record the addresses associated with a Lead, Customer,Supplier, Shareholder, Sales Partner or a Warehouse. You can also add an Address as a standalone record without linking it to any of the entities listed above. An address may be linked to multiple customers or multiple suppliers. An address can also be linked to customers and suppliers at the same time. If the address is not linked to any entity you need to manually add a title. If the address is linked to an entity like a customer or supplier, the title is generated automatically in 'Entity Name-Address Type' format. You can also add addresses of your own company's facilities.


A Contact in the system Represents a person and can be associated with various entities such as Leads,Customers, Suppliers, Shareholders,Sales Partners, or Users. This allows you to easily store and access important information about the people you interact with in your business. Additionally, you can also add a contact as a standalone record without linking it to any of the entities listed above. You also have the ability to add a contact from the Customer or Supplier section.


It is a pre-arranged meeting between a Lead and an Employee of your Company. Appointment document type can be used to schedule and manage interaction with a Lead or an Opportunity.


A lead is a potential customer who shows interest in your products or services. To generate leads, companies may use various methods such as listing their products on directories, maintaining an updated and searchable website,meeting people at trade events, and advertising their products or services. These efforts are intended to attract potential customers who may be interested in what the company has to offer. Once these individuals express interest, they are considered leads. Sales executives typically work on these leads by contacting them, building a relationship, and providing them with information about the company's products or services. It is important to track these conversations in order to ensure that follow-up can be done if necessary. This allows other sales executives to be aware of the history of a particular lead. In A3sola, leads are automatically assigned to sales executives to assist in lead management and follow-up


An Opportunity is a qualified lead that has the potential to become a customer. When you receive information indicating that a lead is interested in a product or service that your company offers, such as solar panels, you can convert that lead into an opportunity. Additionally, you can also create an opportunity against an existing customer. It is important to reach out to opportunities regularly to build and maintain relationships with them. To help with this, you can set the 'Next Contact Date' and 'Next Contact By' fields, which will add a calendar event for the user chosen in the 'Next Contact By' field and show a notification on that date. In case, you do not receive a response from an opportunity for a certain number of days, you can choose to automatically close that opportunity.

CRM Module's Reports feature

It helps users get the information about the prospects. Using the following reports, an A3sola user can analyse the data about a prospect's history with a company and will help users build strong relationships with the prospects.