Manage Payroll & Leaves with A3Sola

Get ready to streamline your HR processes and take control of your employee information with the A3sola HR module. From managing employee contact information and salary details to tracking attendance, performance evaluations, and leaves, this module has everything you need to keep your HR department running smoothly. Plus, with the ability to easily process payroll and generate salary slips, you'll never have to worry about tax rules and deductions again. A3sola has got you covered!

Payroll and Leave Management

organizational chart

An organizational chart shows the organizational structure by depicting connections between different employees with their designation, image, and name. In large organizations where it's difficult to remember names, people can interact with the org chart and know the hierarchy through faces and other info

Employee Attendance Tool

Employee Attendance Tool allows you to mark attendance of multiple employees for a particular date.Attendance is a record stating whether an Employee has been present on a particular day or not. In A3sola, you can mark and record attendance of an Employee on a daily basis using the Attendance doctype.Using the Attendance Request, employees can submit their attendance request for the days when their attendance wasn't marked due to various reasons such as on-site duty or work from home. Employee Check-in is used to keep a log of all the check-ins and check-outs of an employee in the organization. Most organizations use this for attendance, shift management, and working hours calculations.Auto attendance marks the attendance for employees assigned to a shift based on the records in the Employee Check In document and the Auto Attendance Settings of that shift.

Fleet Management

The Fleet Management section of Human Resources assists in managing and tracking the expenses of an organization's fleet of vehicles. The Vehicle document serves as a master list of different vehicle types, while the Vehicle Log is used to record odometer readings, fuel expenses, and service expenses.

Leave Management

In A3sola It is a tool that helps organizations efficiently manage their employees' leave schedules. It allows for the creation of leave allocation, leave types, leave periods, leave policies, and holiday lists. Employees can apply for leaves through leave applications, which can be approved or rejected by their respective managers.Additionally, A3sola allows for the management of compensatory leaves, leave encashment, and leave block lists. A unified ledger for all leave-related transactions is also available for tracking and monitoring purposes.

Payroll management

Payroll management is the administration of financial records of employees' salaries, wages, bonuses,net pay, and deductions. A3sola offers a variety of features to help simplify the payroll process, including Salary Structure management, Income Tax Slab definitions, and bulk processing of payroll for employees.