Asset and Documents Management

In A3sola, you can maintain fixed asset records for Company assets like computers, furniture, cars, etc. and manage their depreciations, sale, or disposal. You can track locations of the assets or keep records of employees who are using the asset. You can also manage the maintenance details of the assets.

Assets and Documents Management

Asset Report

An Asset Report can include asset depreciation ledger, asset depreciation, and balances and fixed asset register. This report shows the Purchase Amount, Depreciated Amount, accumulated total depreciation for all the assets under the selected date range, and cost of purchase, selling, and scrapping all assets based on Asset Category. A Fixed asset register tracks all the fixed assets that you have created.

Asset Value Adjustment

Asset Value Adjustment is a process of recording changes in the value of an asset due to damages or other factors. This process is commonly used in fixed asset management and allows businesses to accurately reflect the current value of an asset in their financial records. For example, if a laptop gets damaged, its value will be dropped instantly and an Asset Value Adjustment will be made to reflect this change in value. This process ensures that the assets are recorded accurately in the company's financial records, which is important for accounting, tax, and compliance purposes.

Asset Category

An Asset Category classifies different assets of a Company. The first step towards asset management is creating an Asset Category based on the type of assets. For example, all your desktops and laptops can be part of an Asset Category named "Electronic Equipments". In Asset Category, you can set default a depreciation method, periodicity and depreciation related accounts, which will apply to all the assets under the category.

Asset Maintenance

The Asset Maintenance Team is responsible for carrying out maintenance activities on the Asset. The maintenance activities can be cleaning, polishing, servicing, or any other activity required to maintain the Asset in good condition.

Asset Repair

Asset Repair refers to any activity carried to repair a broken Asset to restore full functionality. You can also maintain the records of Repair/Failures of Assets which are not listed in Asset Maintenance.

Asset Maintenance Log

Asset Maintenance Log logs the tasks carried out in Asset Maintenance. For each task in Asset Maintenance, Asset Maintenance Log is auto-created to keep track of the upcoming maintenance. It will have a status, completion date and actions performed. Based on the completion date here, the next due date is calculated automatically and a new Asset Maintenance Log is created.

Asset Movement

Asset Movement refers to moving an Asset from one location to another. In A3sola, you can track the location of an asset or to whom it is issued. For tracking, you need to create an Asset Movement transaction, whenever the asset is moved from one location to another. You can also keep a track of issuance of an asset to any employee.